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Sedation dentistry at 76 dental

Conscious Sedation is an ideal option for nervous patients, making dental treatment easier. Sedation is a safe method usually without side effects. Dr Joanne Huddleston and her nurses Amy and Lucy have undertaken further post graduate training and are fully qualified to undertake dental treatment under sedation. Dental fear is one of the most popular reasons why people put treatment off, but sedation dentistry can enable patients to fight their fears. We can accept referrals for sedation treatment from other dental practice.

How does sedation dentistry work?

An IV is used to allow sedation entry to the body, and though you will be aware of what is happening you will be completely at ease and will have little or no memory of what has happened following treatment. Monitoring of the patient is maintained during treatment to ensure they are okay, and numerous procedures can be done in one sitting if necessary and the patient wishes it.

It is advised to plan your journey home beforehand as you will be unable to drive or operate machinery; a friend could possibly be of assistance.

Who is sedation dentistry for?

Sedation dentistry can help a number of patients, whether you:

  • Have a fear of the dentist
  • Have had past negative dental experiences
  • Find other anaesthetic methods are not as good
  • Have sensitive teeth
  • Require complex treatment
  • Have waited to visit the dentist until the pain is too great
  • Merely have a general fear of the dentist and want to experience sedation dentistry