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Cancellation and Missed Appointment Policy

The purpose of this policy is to inform patients of charges they may incur for missed appointments, late arrivals or cancellations.​

We do ask that a minimum of 48 hour notice is given to change or cancel an appointment, we do however understand that in some circumstances this is not always possible and ask that patients give us as much notice as they can. Please note that our appointments are time critical, therefore patients that arrive late may not been seen as this will impact our other patients.

We do contact all patients that fail to attend appointments and a charge is not usually applied for the first instance.

New Patients

If the first appointment is cancelled within 48 hours or not kept, a second appointment may be offered, however if that appointment is not kept no further appointments will be offered.

Private patients

Failure to Attend (FTA)

First FTA – Patients will receive a warning text message and or email.

Second FTA – A charge equalling £1 for each minute of the missed appointment (20 min apt = £20 charge).

Third FTA – A second charge will be required at the discretion of the dentist who may consider removing the individual from their list.

All Hygienist appointments are private and failure to attend the appointment or a late cancellation within 48 hours will result in the loss of payment


FTA appointment fees which apply to our private patients, as stated above will also apply to all our Denplan patients. Please refer to Denplan care/essentials information booklet section 10 of the terms and conditions.

NHS Patients

Due to NHS regulations, we are not able to charge patients for late cancellations or failing to attend an appointment however we do ask that at least 48 hours’ notice is given where possible. Multiple failed appointments will result in your name being removed from the dentists NHS list.

Text message reminders are sent 48 hours prior to patient’s appointment time and email reminders are sent out 5 working days prior to the appointment. Asking patients to check their contact information regularly ensures that this service works effectively.

Please note Text and email appointment reminders are provided out of courtesy not necessity. It is your responsibility to turn up on time to your appointment.

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