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Three steps to your new smile

76 Dental are accredited Invisalign specialists. As a platinum provider we pride ourselves on thousands of happy patients who have followed the 76 Dental ABC journey to their new smile.



Free first consultation to show you your new smile using state of the art 3D mouth scanning. Get started with simple pain free aligners to move the teeth gently into their new position.




Once you have completed the course of aligners we use Boutique Whitening to brighten your teeth, restoring their natural white look. We create you a set of moulded trays to keep them  topped up at home.  



To complete your new smile we apply touch up composite bonding to correct chips and imperfections.



The Science

Your teeth are held to the bone of the jaw by tiny ligaments which allow them to naturally drift and move. As you grow your teeth will develop into position which may not be as straight as you would prefer. Invisalign is the industry leading tooth alignment system backed by decades of medical research. 

3D modeling

During your initial free consultation we take a 3D scan of your mouth this allows us to digitally manipulate your teeth so you can see you new smile, together we position your teeth into line and calculate the number of aligners to achieve the final position. Once agreed we order your aligners and can have them ready to collect in as little as two weeks.


Once your aligners arrive at the clinic we'll invite you to a fitting appointment. At this appointment we'll fit small minimally invasive attachments to your teeth, these provide anchoring points for the aligner system to gently guide your teeth to their new position. The attachments are made of composite and matched to the colour of your teeth, you'll keep the attachments on for the duration of the aligner treatment. Once completed we take them off leaving no trace.

The course

Depending on how many aligners you need will dictate the length of your treatment. Simple treatments can take 10-14 weeks, with more complex realignments lasting longer. You will be given enough aligners to change as prescribed until your next scheduled check up. Through the process we will inspect the progress of the alignment at regular intervals to ensure we stay on track towards the final result.

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