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Equality and Diversity Policy for Patients

Our vision is for 76dental to be a successful, caring and welcoming place for patients to receive their dental care and advice. We want to create a supportive and inclusive environment where our staff can reach their full potential and care is provided in partnership with our patients, without prejudice or discrimination. We are committed to creating a culture of respect and understand and recognise the value of individual diversity. This policy helps us to achieve this vision and avoid discrimination in any form ensuring that we treat people fairly and equally.

Non-discrimination rights are protected by anti-discrimination legislation including the Equality Act 2010.

The aim of this policy is to remove any potential discrimination in the way that people with protected characteristics are cared for by the practice. This means that we will not treat you less favourably because of your age, a disability, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief, sex and sexual orientation.

We will develop and support equality and diversity by tackling oral health inequalities through positive promotion and care. This includes

  • Providing you with information in languages other than English, where required

  • Having translation services available if you need this

  • Taking reasonable steps to ensure that you can access our services if you have a disability

  • Ensuring that the care we provide meets your needs

  • Ensuring that we work closely with other medical and social services involved in your care.

We will monitor the effectiveness of this policy and its impact on other relevant policies and practice.

Concerns and comments

If you believe you have been treated in any way contrary to this policy or you have any comments on how we can ensure that it works better, please contact Ami-Jo Campbell at the practice. We will investigate your concerns and, where appropriate, take necessary action.

Statement of Aims

76dental is dedicated to providing dental care of a high standard and consistent quality for all our patients. All treatment offered and provided will be clinically justified, appropriate and carried out with proper regard to the dignity and autonomy of our patients.

This practice has the following quality assurance and safeguarding policies and procedures in place, further details are in the practice files:

  • Policy on complaints, complaints log and follow up. Patient information leaflets & details of how to access complaints policy including how to escalate or appeal.

  • Patient satisfaction surveys and action as a result, Patient comment cards.

  • Disability and Discrimination act audit.

  • Policy on raising concern.

  • Health and safety risk assessments, Fire risk assessment and training.

  • Material data sheets and COSHH files.

  • HTM 01-05 policies for decontamination and sterilisation with regular audits.

  • Confidentiality policy signed by all staff and visitors.

  • Completion of information governance toolkit.

  • Staff training and training logs.

  • Dr Simon Clarke and Dr Tom Huddleston are responsible for monitoring the quality assurance system within the practice.

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